Cryptogirls Party NFT
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Welcome to a journey of a 1000 miles in a span of 10,000 years.

CryptogirlsParty are a series of generative NFTs spanning from the middle ages up to the Space age, from the depths of the underworld up to the stars and the galaxy.

CryptogirlsParty incorporate at least 6 factions and multiple personas, ranging from Warriors to Wizards, from Princesses to Soldiers of Fortune, that fight for survival and domination.

All 250+ traits are uniquely hand drawn. Join the cause and unravel the secrets of the universe by becoming a hero in the Cryptoland.


  • Class: Dark Elf
    It was all about the price of freedom. She was being kidnapped, bullied and tortured for ages. Now she is ready to get her revenge back.

  • Class: Goblin
    She was born in the misty night. Now with this pendant and her emerging magical powers, she can help her tribe regain everything they lost.

  • Class: Human
    She is the captain of the naval force. She never lost a battle.Little does she know about what is coming her way... they've been watching her every move.

  • Class: Undead
    Everything was done in an instant. There was bloodbath everywhere. Only the strongest whales will survive in the upcoming fight!

  • Class: Demon
    "I was stuck between space and time. Then I saw them fighting, trying to reach the stars.
    With the few remaining of our species, we now prepare to strike!"

  • Class: Fallen
    They say "Aim for the moon, if you miss it you'll land among the stars".
    I was an early investor, now I'm in the Andromeda galaxy!
See the change in the same scene, before and after the PARTY kicks in.
We will update the full Roadmap soon! This is not final.
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We develop the most badass artwork in the blockchain.

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Conceptor & Developer

Aya Chan

Artist - Characters


Artist - Backgrounds

What are NFTs?
In case you are new, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique tokens that exist in the blockchain, and their ownership is verifiable.

You can then utilize them however you want, use them, make art, t-shirts or trade them.

They are yours, and yours only.

Also, by owning CryptogirlsParty NFTs, you will get access to exclusive features of our upcoming derivative projects!
How do you generate the collection?
We start from the story and the characters. Then our badass artists hand-draw everything until it's perfect.

Then we utilize special algorithms to only generate the results we want. Every feature is hand-picked and carefully chosen for the situation.

If it's not good enough, we simply don't ship it.

You can find the algorithms in the developer's github page. We open source everything.
Wow, that sounds cool! How many NFTs are you going to produce and when is the public sale?
You are lucky because you are still early! We are still developing the project, so the date is not established yet.

Same goes for the number of NFTs, we will only generate as many as needed to keep a top-tier quality, not a single more.

We only care for the results and for you to hold the most amazing art in the blockchain.

Then we move on from there...together!
What is special about this collection?
From the art, the attention to detail, the stories, and even the sale, everything is special.

We carefully craft amazing characters and beautiful backgrounds that change from calm to creepy, and fit well with the CryptogirlsParty narrative, with some hints about our current political situation...

Also, after the sale, the NFTs are yours, i.e. you have 100% rights on your NFTs!

Oh, and you'll get super bonuses in the derivative projects!
When you say I own 100% of the NFT, what do you mean?
We mean 100%. You can do whatever you want with it, with 100% rights on it.

We are building a community and will make derivative projects based on your NFTs!

Not only you own the NFTs you mint and have 100% of the rights, you are going to play a big part in our derivative projects!
Alright, you got me. How can you keep me updated with the project? How can I communicate with you?
Join our discord channel!

Seriously, we will post everything there, and make sure to answer any questions you may have!

We stand behind this, and we will make sure to make this project a success!

Join us today!
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